Nuke Chains

Nuke DAO



The beauty of the DAO is that it can be programmed to function in a manner that allows for its stakeholders to participate in decisions that can potentially impact its own future. This can be done via the implementation of a governance DAO. We envision Nuke Chains to as such a protocol to be partly community-owned, thus future proposals and voting rights can be determined via the $NUKE tokens.
Following deployment, as Nuke Chains stabilizes and matures, the token holders will be allowed to propose new ideas or strategies for almost any aspect of the DAO, even the gauge rewards for veNUKE, allocation for farming incentives and further utilities for $NUKE tokens.
Careful consideration needs to be applied when it comes to incentivising new ideas but that is just one aspect of Nuke Chains. The game-ability aspect of how liquidity can be routed efficiently is also a big focus. Nuke Chain's ideal end-game is a truly decentralised place for a new era of blockchain gamification in the industry and that is the aspect of this DAO that we are most excited about.

Nuke Treasury

The token that will play a big role in the Nuke Chain's ecosystem is the $NUKE token which is a digital asset on the blockchain that can be earned by players through innovative ve-mechanism among other means. This will also be the token of choice on the financialization pillar of the platform, functioning not just as a utility token but also as a payment token.
$NUKE tokens will also, by design, be an embodiment of the community-centric bedrock of Nuke Chains. Revenue generated by the platform will be given back to the community through profit sharing with token holders. To achieve this, revenue generated by the platform will be used to buy back $NUKE tokens from the market and then redistributed $NUKE token stakers to give users more incentive to hold and use $NUKE tokens.