Nuke Chains

Our Vision

Our solution to the problem with token inflation is to build a game upon the discipline of a token ecosystem with a fixed supply. No rewards in Nuke Chains will be delivered through minting extra tokens for players. Instead, we revisited the tokenomics of Gamified Finance (GameFi) models to supercharge it with powerful features and lessons learned from the trails blazed by yield farming protocols.
Keeping the supply of the Nuke Chains native token, $NUKE tokens at a fixed amount with no controls to manipulate the supply through minting and burning instils a discipline within the Nuke Chains' ecosystem which will, by design, be almost inflation proof within the limits of the operations controlled by the Nuke DAO.
It almost seems impossible for a play-to-earn ecosystem to coexist alongside inflation-resistant tokenomics. That’s where Nuke Chains wants to reinvent the currently established GameFi model with a fresh approach to earnings.
In Nuke Chains, players will earn tokens by playing in two separate modes - a single-player mode and a competitive multiplayer arena. Single-player modes provide fun and enjoyable levels with rewards paid out mainly in yields harvested as a result of farming on BSC's protocols. A portion will also be paid in $NUKE tokens that are collected as wager paid by players who participate in multiplayer games.
This approach of mixing rewards for players provides a more sustainable approach to play-to-earn economics all without having mint new tokens into existence. No new tokens are minted to increase rewards and the token economy is sustained through players enjoying both game modes available. No rewards are paid out from the ecosystem treasury, even to those who choose to stake their $NUKE tokens, resulting in a token system that is virtually inflation-proof.
Nuke Chains is here to bring you a better way to play-and-earn.