Nuke Chains

Problem Statement

Most blockchain games today implement the same mechanics and technologies, promising fun gameplay along with tokenomics that allow for play-to-earn gaming. Many of these games are able to provide play-to-earn opportunities by leveraging control over the platform’ native token and the ability to control its supply through minting and burning on the fly.
Some of these games rely on the demand for utility that their tokens can provide in order to drive their game economy. This is highly vulnerable to many factors that may even be outside the control of the developers and project leaders - such as cryptocurrency market forces, availability of other games in a similar genre and bad actors looking to upset the game’s economy through manipulating P2E rewards. The risk posed by token inflation is also a delicate balance to manage when providing a play-to-earn opportunity.
It’s time to revisit GameFi and build a better way to play-and-earn on the blockchain.