Nuke Chains

Our Story

Once a bustling ghetto, the town of Plutonia was home to the rebels who rejected the corporate world that lay outside their walls. They spread their message of freedom and revolution on the walls of their township, sprayed in homemade paint that adhered to the surfaces for generations.
The residents of Plutonia were among the last remaining citizens of a dying planet. As the rich and powerful ventured beyond, the last of the Plutonians left their mark on their beloved town, coating every last inch of it in artwork in their final effort to preserve their message.
The ruin of Plutonia was forgotten for centuries, fading into obscurity until recently, it appeared to be showing signs of life.
Made from harvesting the flora of Plutonia, the paint that covered the walls was coming alive. From the walls of Plutonia, a new society was emerging. It was a new dawn for the town that was lost in history. The slogans and artwork of Plutonia's late populace were incarnating into a completely new form - the Party Nukers.
Party Nukers are fun-loving individuals who carry with them the rebellious and competitive spirits of their ancestors, embodied by the paint that they are now living in. Born from different artworks that once melded together on the walls of Plutonia, no two Party Nukers are alike. Each Party Nuker is a living manifestation of the walls they were on and the embodiment of the rebellious spirit of Plutonia.
Embark on the Nuke Chains' quest to discover the chasms of Plutonia and reap the fruits of the seeds planted by a lost generation. As you traverse Plutonia on the Nuke Quest, you will be rewarded with the yields whose seeds were laid by the Plutonian populace. Learn the way of the Plutonian race and their competitive spirit as you battle out to be the first to complete numerous obstacle courses that were once the triumphant arenas where citizens young and old participated in
Or celebrate the ancestry of Plutonia in the Nuke Arena, where you and your fellow Party Nukers can take wager for an exciting winner-takes-all game. Play to win or play for fun, wager your spare change or go all-in. It's up to you.