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Party Nuker

Party Nuker Samples
Born from the living paint on the walls of Plutonia, Party Nukers are playful beings that carry on the spirit and rebellion of the former citizens of Plutonia.
Each Party Nuker is represented by a Non-Fungible Token on the Ethereum blockchain and ownership of at least one is required in order to participate in Nuke Chains games.
Party Nukers come in a variety of designs. A limited quantity of each design will be minted upon the launch of the design and no more Party Nukers of the same design will be minted after that.
At launch, there will be a total of 8,888 genesis Party Nuker PFP NFTs with 122 traits, which comes with a Party Nuker to be loaded in game. In the future, more designs will be introduced and with each design, another limited minting will take place. This will introduce more NFTs into the Party Nukers ecosystem without diluting the exclusivity and rarity of the original Party Nukers genesis NFTs and the subsequent collections launched.